Virtual Assessment, Triage, and Remote Monitoring for COVID-19

To support the industry during this challenging time, we've developed a solution for providers and health systems. This solution was built on our extensible platform designed to support clinical workflows in a health care environment that regularly adapts to change.

List of core COVID components

Notable's COVID-19 Virtual Triage and Remote Monitoring Solution supports clinical efforts to pre-screen ambulatory patients, contain novel coronavirus, and provide remote care for at-risk individuals.

How Notable's COVID solution slows down the number of new cases over time

The solution helps mitigate disease spread by prompting patients to complete a tailored screening on their mobile device before a scheduled visit, while providing information on preventative measures and surfacing real-time updates and containment efforts. Remote patient monitoring of at-risk patients gives clinicians the necessary data points to evaluate clinical trajectory and make necessary interventions.

Educate Patients, Assess Risk & Triage Care

A recent use case triggered appropriate virtual identification, triage, and containment after a patient reported flu-like symptoms and recent travel to known COVID-19 "hot spots" as part of Notable's mobile-optimized check in, which prompts patients to enter symptoms and medical history up to 48 hours prior to a scheduled appointment. This information had not been previously captured when the patient called to schedule the appointment. In this case, the patient was redirected to a designated location, in accordance with emergency response protocols.

Screenshots from Notable's COVID solution


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